A guide for SMEs to start Influencer Marketing in 2019

What is Influencer Marketing (IM)? Instead of marketing directly to consumers, with Influencer Marketing (IM), brand and influencer (often in the same business field) collaborate to send meaningful messages (about product and service) to the target audience. This is done mostly via social media platforms where influencers build their own community towards the same interest. […]

120 Social Media Content Ideas – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for 2019

Desperate for some fresh ideas of what to post on your social media? You come to the right place. This “Ultimate Cheat Sheet of 120 Ideas for Social Media Content” is for you. My exhaustive list will keep your creativity flourish for a long time. Never run out of ideas social media content again – […]

WordPress SEO 2019: a dummy guide

Do you have a WordPress website? If so, you’ve probably heard that WordPress is the most SEO-friendly CMS (Content Manage System). This is partly true because WordPress is SEO-friendly if and only if you configure the settings correctly and use the right SEO plugins. If you have little to no experience with WordPress SEO, this […]